The Hickory Hacker

The Hickory Hacker

Check out Christian Williams' hickory golf website for some great written and video content on hickory golf with a Connecticut focus!

"Whether you’re a seasoned hickory golfer or just getting started, there’s something for everyone at, a new website I’m building where I’ll be sharing my experiences collecting, repairing, and playing hickory golf clubs.

You’ll find short articles about where I’m playing, what I’m working on in the shop, and what I just found at the flea market.

You’ll also find course vlogs where I show you every shot (good and bad) while I play hickory golf on interesting golf courses - new and old, public and private.

You’ll find videos demonstrating basic tips and techniques for restoring, repairing, and maintaining hickory golf clubs so you can throw those wall-hangers into your bag and experience golf how it was meant to be played.

Above all, you’ll find someone enthusiastically sharing how they fell in love with golf through an appreciation for the history of the game. You won’t learn how to be a scratch golfer, but you might learn how to have more fun trying."