Metropolitan Hickory Society

Metropolitan Hickory Society


Founded in 2011 by Brian Schuman, the Metropolitan Hickory Society (MHS) was the first hickory golf organization to play events in Connecticut. Based in the New York City Metro-area, the organization has members from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. It was originally called the Tri-State Hickory Players Club (not to be confused with Tri-State Hickory Golf serving PA-WV-OH) and was intended to "provide a club, a true players club for golfers who appreciate the history and traditions of this grand old game... the Greatest Game of all."

The MHS has been one of the most influential hickory golf groups in the United States, hosting dozens of tournaments as well as developing a hickory-era golf ball called "The Classic." Founding member Tim Alpaugh is renowned for his club repair and restoration skills, and its members have been very active in promoting hickory golf in the United States.


Bill Martin & Jared Paletti --

Extolling the traditional spirit of the royal & ancient game