Vermont Hickory Golf Association

Vermont Hickory Golf Association



"The Vermont Hickory Golf Association plays golf using clubs with hickory shafts, preserving the style of the sport as it was originally played in the 1890s through the mid 1930s. Vermont has a long and proud tradition of golf, and the VHGA hews as close to those traditions as possible, sponsoring tournaments and other events for lovers of the ancient game."

"Our group sprung from humble origins when Patrick Kennedy and Matt Dodds hooked up back in 2003. Matt & Pat played informally through the years, and in 2008 partnered to create the Vermont Hickory Open. Since then, under the kind influences of Allen Johnson & others, the VHGA has been formed, the group’s membership has continued to grow, and this year features the most venues ever! We always welcome new members."

Connect and Contact

The Vermont Hickory Golf Association has a terrific website, You can also follow them on Facebook at To sign up for their email list, contact Peter Nowlan at

President – Peter Nowlan

Vice President – Bob Titterton

Secretary – Matt Dodds