Hickory Golfers of Massachusetts

Hickory Golfers of Massachusetts


(from MassGolf.org)

"The Hickory Golfers of Massachusetts (HGoM) is made up of golfers who are all members of the Society of Hickory Golfers and play only with hickory shafted golf clubs. They are based out of the Country Club of Greenfield.

“'We are golfers who have played most of our lives and love to play the game… the way it was meant to be played,' said Bill Conant, captain of the HGoM’s 'The Baystaters' and member of CC of Greenfield. 'We love the 100 year old clubs, courses, rules, and way of play that brought us to the present.'”

Each year the HGoM hosts the Alexander Findlay Hickory Open Championship at the Country Club of Greenfield in Western Massachusetts.

Connect and Contact

You can learn more about the HGoM on their Facebook page.

Bill Conant: wbconant@comcast.net

Bill Wardwell: wardywardwell@gmail.com